Ultimate Tease and Denial – Part 3

After I’m certain he’s secure, I lean very close to his face so that he can smell that I’m wearing his fave perfume.  Then I begin unbuttoning my blouse.  I wanna rub my tits in his face and make him want to taste them before I really get started.  Once my nipples are nice & hard and my blouse tossed over the chair, I turn my back to him and start sliding my skirt down over my hips.  As the bikini comes into view, I can hear his breath catch and he says “oh my, Goddess”.  When I am standing there in nothing but my boots & underwear, I start to do a slow enticing dance.  I want him so hot & bothered, and I can tell I’m getting my wish.

Now his mind is awash with thoughts of what happens next… Ass worship!  I climb on the bed and straddle his chest with my ass in his face.  I can nearly read his thoughts.  He wants his hands free so that he can touch it.  I can understand his frustration.  I wanna touch him too.  But I want to see just how close I can bring him to the edge without touching him…just the face sitting for now.  As I plant my panty-clad ass on his face, I can feel him inhale deeply.  Then it’s time to wiggle.  I grind my ass all over his face, pressing my ass harder against his mouth & nose.  Every few seconds, I rise up a little so he can breathe and I can tell he thinks I’m going to stop.  But then I wiggle down again and press even harder.  Each time I lift up, I can hear him gasp air.

So I ease up and just barely touch his face with the panties and lean forward a  While slowly rubbing my fingertips up & down, I tell him to lick my panties.  He knows what I mean when I say that too.  Not some sloppy stuff.  He licks it with reverence…as if he must worship my pussy. I can feel the heat from his tongue getting trapped inside my panties.  His underwear are getting tighter & tighter as he responds to my torturous stroking. I slip the boxers down & off.  Now I can tease his bare skin with my fingernails.  I decide to stroke him with one hand and torment him with the other.

So I stand up and light a cigarette blowing the smoke right in his face.  He almost smiles, he loves it so much.  So I smoke some more of it for him while lifting & dropping his balls with my other hand.  He is so hard now and I can see the veins popping out on his penis as it starts to throb. I stab out the remains of the cigarette and begin the game in earnest.  Now it’s time to take him straight over the edge & back so many times that he nearly cries with frustration.  Certainly he will whimper; definitely he will beg.

.. to be continued …


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