No Release – Part 1

Wow, you look frustrated today. Haven’t had any in awhile, huh? Kinda sensitive to the touch down there? Maybe even hard as a rock? Mmmm. First… I praise you. Not because you’re horny, but because I am. Then I’ll give you a big hug, mmmm, running my fingers down your back. Stimulate those juices that were probably already flowing when you walked thru the door. As we hug, my arms run down your back, softly encircling your sexy ass.

Mmmm, is that not arousing? Of course, I apologize for the accidental ass grab. I’ll put you down in my nice big chair. Yes, the chair was always good for me when I was… slightly aroused. Now it can be good for you. Lie back, I’ll rub those shoulders. Must’ve been a long day for you. The hardness makes it even longer, doesn’t it? Is it the weekend, and you’ve been thinking about “getting some” all week long? Kneeling in front of you I say… “what is your wish, my lover?”

You start by asking me to pour you a beer. Anything but that, my lover. I want you to get off bigtime. That may slow things down a bit. Maybe later? You slowly nod in agreement. Later. Anything else? Okay. It’s warm in here don’t you think, or is it just me? So we’ll just slip those jeans off that you might be wearing. Oooh, your legs, are sexy… (gasps) and they’re hot. My lips turn into a perfect “O” as I notice and think to myself DAMN! He’s wearing boxers! Ohhh, that’ll make things a bit uneasy for me. Hope he doesn’t notice my hands trembling as I stroke …

Well, now back to you, my lover. You have nice legs. I’ll bet the girls tell you that all the time. And know what? Nice legs lead to a nicer ass. Close your eyes. Mmmmmm, does it feel good to have your legs stroked like that? Tell me what you’re thinking right now… don’t edit. Oh my goodness! As I stroke your thighs, my fingers subconsciously rub up into your boxers, close to your hips. I realize and… back off a little bit. I don’t want this rushed. I don’t want you opening your eyes anymore, because I saw you peek when I touched your thighs. Here, I want you to wear this blindfold…. there you go.

Can you see anything? Good. Relax. As you sit back, I began to rub your chest. Lets remove that shirt. Arms up… yes, that’s it. Ooooh, nice pecs . My fingers gently massage your chest muscles, and nibble at your nipples. Mmmm, they’re tight. Does that…. feel good? Your mouth makes a small “o” as I nibble you. Just watching you in that mask is turning me on, but I can’t tell you that. My job is to tease you. Before self. I place myself in your lap, barely feeling the hardness between your thighs. I kiss your cheeks, your neck, and brush my lips across yours. It’s getting me wet just feeling your lips on mine.

…. To be Continued…..


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