No Release – Part 2

What am I wearing? Why, what I always wear when I do this. That black lace body stocking with nothing on under; we don’t want you getting too aroused, too fast, right? I suddenly feel your cock thumping against my thighs. Maybe. Your lips are still a perfect “O”. I hear you moan dryly. I close my eyes slowly, wanting to relieve you now.

Okay, okay. I reach between my thighs, and rub your shaft thru the boxers. Mmmmm, there’s a little moisture there. Almost as if your cock is crying, lol. I poke my finger thru the slit in your boxers and wipe my finger across your cockhead. You seem to jump. I just wanna taste your precum, ok? Mmmmmm, it’s sweet. I think you’re ready, huh? As I slide off your lap, it is your fingers that are shaking now. I glance at them, and then at your mask. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling. I feel your fingers graze just between my legs. I see you smile as this happens. Hearing you breathe like that… and me wanking you so bad! Ohhhhh, I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll be quick, and merciful.

Putting my hands on your thighs again, I move them up into your boxers. I am rubbing your balls, so tight, and then your cock… so hot.

“Ready for release? ….Not yet…. ”

…. To be Continued…..


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Filed under hand job, Stroke Mistress, tease and denial

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