Drifting Desire – Part 3

My pussy lips are so wet they slide smoothly and I can feel the wetness polling as I walk. How many days have I had wet panties from thinking of exactly this kind of scene? Now, I can feel my clit swelling well beyond normal. This is what I’ve needed, already it’s better than I expected.

I spin your chair, pull your biceps back, sliding my hands down to your wrists. No resistance this time. You let me have my way. I purr with pleasure, my clit thrums once more. Once the cable is cinched tightly around those wrists. I admire my work from my viewpoint behind your chair. Still silent, so unlike you, you are breathing very hard. You must be wondering what’s next.

I lean forward to your ear again and trail my nail around it and down your neck. My hands wrap around your neck firmly from behind, but apply no serious pressure. “You please me so far, toy.” My voice is visceral, breathy and determined.

I push your head to the side and bite my way down your neck to your shirt collar. No, I won’t mark you, yet, as long as you don’t displease me. I run my hands up over your lips, your eyes, your hair and back down again, just because I can, to feel the power of it. I pull your chin up and back until you are looking straight up at me past the tips of my nipples. I revel in the feeling of possession. This is what I was born to do.

I step in front of your chair and lean down to your ear once again, my breasts just below your chin, my hair caresses the side of your cheek, smelling of sinful womanly perfume.

“Tell me you want to be my toy.” Your mouth opens with a strangled noise, that might have been an “I”. Your hard breaths blow across my cleavage. I reach down deep between your legs and slide my nails slowly, firmly back up the bulge I find there. I want to own this cock for my pleasure.

“Yes?,” I taunt. Your breath is really sucking in and out, you must be getting light-headed by now.

“Please,” your voice raspy, choked. “I want to be your toy, please.” You hiss out that last begging plea, convincingly. Your response detonates inside me. My stomach muscles clench hard as my pussy rocks with another hard series of spasms. I reach up to grab your chin, hard (I can’t hold back the aggression), and stare into your eyes, painful need there. For both of us.

I decide that a little striptease is in order for you. I prop my hip on the edge of your desk and put one long leg in front of you so that you can remove my boot. Then the same with the other boot. As I turn around, I cast a wicked glance over my shoulder because I know that what I am about to do is such sweet torture for you…I bend over and brace my hands on the desk while pushing my denim clad ass toward you and wiggling. Now, I straighten up and, still facing away from you, I reach down to unfasten the tight Levi’s and slowly peel them down from the back. You gasp for breath as you catch a glimpse of the black string bikini barely covering my ass.

“Stand up toy”, I say over my shoulder.  And when you are standing right behind me, I push my butt back and wiggle against your erection, grinding my sexy ass on you.  Then I turn around and push you back in the chair and slowly wiggle out of the lacy panties.

I slide back onto your desk in front of your chair, leaning back, my ass perched on the edge. My long legs lift up onto your shoulders and link behind your neck as you lean forward.

“Down! Let’s see what else you can do for me, toy.” My legs pull your face down to my drenched, bare crevice.

… To Be Continued…


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