Drifting Desire – Part 6

“Not a muscle. Understand?!” You nod, clenching your jaw. “Understand?,” I taunt again. “Yes. I understand,” you say, clearly, but you look doubtful. I lift my hips and slide them down to hover over your member. I can tell you want to lift your head to look, but I’m watching closely and you heed my warning.

“Good so far,” I say, almost crazy myself with pent-up need, but I grapple with myself for control.

I lower slowly and carefully until my slit settles along the length of your swollen cock. My pussy lips begin sliding slightly against your hot, satiny shaft. Your eyes close and you swallow hard, but your eyes quickly fly to mine. You were expecting to slide that cock into my warm cunt, I see, just like that. For a second, I enjoy your surprise with a wicked half-grin.

I lean forward, never losing contact with your dick, to suspend my nipple just above your lips, just out of reach. Tantalizing, “Suck it.” I tease your pursing lips with light brushes of my nipple before yanking it just out of reach again. You take the bait. Straining, you lunge forward and catch the bud in your lips, but it slips away again. “Use your teeth,” I demand. You try again. This time, catching it and scraping the sensitive tip before having to lower your head. I begin alternating the nipples for you to repeat the abrading suction.

I continue to rock my slick button back and forth against your confined rod, teasingly, moving just a little, but it’s plenty for my tormented and inflamed bud. Every muscle in my body is tensing, barely moving. My mind is almost totally focused on maximizing the reaction about to explode through my body. For me, the experience is heightened tremendously by your obedience to ignore, deny, the temptations of your body…

…To Be Continued….


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