Drifting Desire – Part 7

Perhaps it’s an involuntary habitual thrust as my warm, slick hole nears the head of your cock, or perhaps it is your own dark need to find out where my threat might lead, but you lose your control and move. Jerking your hips uncontrollably causes your shaft to slip out of my slit. I lose that delicious contact.

I suck in an irritated hiss of breath as my building orgasm fizzles away. Those unfocused violent feelings from a few minutes ago find a target. My eyes narrow on yours.

Icily, I drawl, “Well, that could have been a lot better.”

“I’m sor-,” you begin. I cut you off with a barked command to roll over.

“On your knees!” You look uncertain.

“You had one command to follow. You let me down. Now you have to pay me back,” I assert, severely and unsympathetically. “Now!”

With that, my pet, you roll over, clumsily, still with your arms tied behind your back. And I’m unbearably turned on, on fire. “I am so going to enjoy this,” I smirk, and to myself I think, and so are you, pet. I bet your frustrated beyond belief, haha.  I love being bitchy and mocking you like this.

In order to do as you’ve been directed with your hands still bound behind your back, you have to lie with your head cocked to one side. The side of your face crammed against the floor. Your knees bent under you. Ass in the air. Your pants still wrapped around your legs, binding them loosely together.

Beautiful, I think, in awe. I’ve never seen any man at any time look so hot, so desirable, to me. I’m delighted with your willingness to trust me this much, but it’s not time yet to tell you so. After all, this is supposed to be a punishment.

… To be Continued …


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Filed under cock control, humiliation, tease and torment

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