Orgasm For Sale; a Stroke Tease

You guys remember a few months ago when I wrote about My bitch, MG? well I have been having too many issues to get this post up. but I wanted to tell you all about the assignment he had that he FINALLY completed…well at least partially.

when I say he is My bitch, I mean he is a panty wearing, cock sucking, ass whore who just happens to have a tiny little white dick. hahaha. well he has been calling for quite a long time now and every time I ask what panties he is wearing, he says “the sheer thong” which I assume he stole from his wife. well I decided that he couldn’t continue be a panty bitch unless he was willing to expand his “wardrobe”, LOL. so I gave him the assignment of a shopping trip to Vic Secret. he whined and moaned, as bitches are known to do. “what if someone recognizes me?… what if the clerks laugh at me?” wahwahwah…crybaby.

he finally went shopping and he was too much of a pussy to actually tell the clerk the panties were for him. but he did buy the exact one I instructed him to…red lace! so during our next call, he wore the fire engine red lace panties and stroked his tiny little chick stick while I told him how much his cock starved wife was loving the gang bang she was getting from the guys with huge, black cocks! in fact, I am not sure that he ever came harder! then I got to listen as he lapped up his spooge like a good little cum slut.

so if you are a bitch and you need some sissy training, give me a call. you will be glad you did because I am not the kind of Mistress who just sits on the phone name calling. I actually enjoy training little sissy fags like you and controlling your pathetic little mangina!

I still have lots of specials going on during this strained economy and I always love it when you guys vote for Me/Us even if you can’t call.



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3 responses to “Orgasm For Sale; a Stroke Tease

  1. dougiepantyboy

    I would love to be your sissy. And I would love to have your big gorgeous breasts.

  2. major Reinhardt

    WICKEDLY CRUEL o-r-g-a-s-m DENIAL Kept on the edge for along as possible Venus 2000 or a Robo jac slowly pumping while working in concert with an eros tec keeping me virtually on the edge of o-r-g-a-s-m for hours on end and all the while i my torments or enjoyed by my my tormentors To be endlessly treated like a rubber bondage blow-op doll enjoy me torments ,long term and intense bondage rubber, leather, ropes, cum control, milking, chastity, straightjackets, sleepsacks, slings, harnesses, restraints, rubber mummification, suspension, electroplay and electrorgasm with out touching, cbt, tt, gags,rubber gas-masks, rubber butt plugs, rubber dildos , sensory deprivation, hoods, rubber, blindfolds, collars, chains, vacuum beds of my own extra evil design for absolute rubber restriction and a lot more! Just ask! And if you r the right one for me my ideas are endless and would love to share them with someone who will enjoy them as much if not more then me

    And i have just now started to invest my all my saving to by more gear so that i can spend the rest of my life in rubber torment heaven toys to torment., Oh yes did i forget to mention edging and teasing while in tight rubber bondage?

    Not too good at these things just shoot me a message. πŸ™‚ Age and race are not a factor to me. It’s all about the connection and attitude, which is hotter.
    Yiours to have Major

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh there ya go….I was about to slip off to bed and be a good girl…Now you have me all flamed up again πŸ™‚ Kisses …and you can slip them annnnnnnnywhere ya wanna πŸ™‚


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