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Gregory Fine of Apple Valley, CA – Loser Commits Credit Card Fraud!

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Dear Gregory Fine,

My heart is broken.  I bought the shoes, I even picked out the dress I was going to wear to yours and Jason’s wedding.   You said you had a lovely gown, and were going to be the epitome of a Blushing Bride. From what you told me, it was going to be a grand affair.  You wanted me to call you Brianna.  Such a pretty name for such a naughty person. 

Jason was the perfect dream man, sexy, loving and knew how to make love to you…the way your wife never could.  Oh how you dazzled me with stories about his magnificent cock, and how he made you feel so feminine and girlie.  Your penis is so small; it fit so nicely in your sexy panties.  What was it, three…four inches Gregory?  You preferred to have me call it a clitti.  Your bum was really a tight, virgin pussy, waiting…

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