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Drifting Desire – Part 8

I lightly slap each of your butt cheeks. I know you don’t like being hit. This is for effect. No pain, just power and control. I can’t resist caressing that ass, ready to move on from the punishment now to pleasure. I reach for my coat, abandoned until now on the floor under your desk.

“Shall I leave you tied up here just like this?” I taunt, but without any real menace in my voice. It’s a hollow threat. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away now.

Instead, I pull from my coat pocket a bottle of lubricant and flick it open. From another pocket comes a light towel.

“You’re going to like your punishment, I think. As long as you don’t like it too much. No cumming yet or I’ll be very disappointed in you.” This time, there was a real threat in my tone.

With that, I up-end the bottle for a moment over your ass, letting the warm slickness flood over my fingers too. Spreading the towel under you, I reach down and under to caress your cock and balls with my slick hand. A little softer than rock hard now, but still firm.

“Nervous? Don’t you trust me?” You see I expect an answer.

“Please,” you respond in a whisper.

I make a reassuring noise and slide my hand back up to your ass crack, massaging you lightly, then more firmly, loosening your tension. As you begin to relax, you rumble sighs of growing pleasure.

The strain on your shoulders from lying face down with those arms behind your back must be incredible. Your muscles are quivering, over-used. Pleased with you, I decide to comfort now.

I wipe my hands. “Pet, stand up and lean over your desk for me now.”

…To Be Continued….


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Drifting Desire – Part 7

Perhaps it’s an involuntary habitual thrust as my warm, slick hole nears the head of your cock, or perhaps it is your own dark need to find out where my threat might lead, but you lose your control and move. Jerking your hips uncontrollably causes your shaft to slip out of my slit. I lose that delicious contact.

I suck in an irritated hiss of breath as my building orgasm fizzles away. Those unfocused violent feelings from a few minutes ago find a target. My eyes narrow on yours.

Icily, I drawl, “Well, that could have been a lot better.”

“I’m sor-,” you begin. I cut you off with a barked command to roll over.

“On your knees!” You look uncertain.

“You had one command to follow. You let me down. Now you have to pay me back,” I assert, severely and unsympathetically. “Now!”

With that, my pet, you roll over, clumsily, still with your arms tied behind your back. And I’m unbearably turned on, on fire. “I am so going to enjoy this,” I smirk, and to myself I think, and so are you, pet. I bet your frustrated beyond belief, haha.  I love being bitchy and mocking you like this.

In order to do as you’ve been directed with your hands still bound behind your back, you have to lie with your head cocked to one side. The side of your face crammed against the floor. Your knees bent under you. Ass in the air. Your pants still wrapped around your legs, binding them loosely together.

Beautiful, I think, in awe. I’ve never seen any man at any time look so hot, so desirable, to me. I’m delighted with your willingness to trust me this much, but it’s not time yet to tell you so. After all, this is supposed to be a punishment.

… To be Continued …

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Ultimate Tease and Denial – Part 4

I get situated between his legs and start to play with my tits.  I cup them in my hands and tweak my nipples.  Then I let them pop out of the bra a little bit and ask him if he wants me to tit fuck his hard cock.  He licks his lips and says “oh yes, please”.  So I dangle my full breasts right over his dick and let my nipple brush the head of it.  Then I tell him that it’s too bad because he will not be getting tit fucked tonight, LOL.

I reach over and grab the warming lube and pour some onto my hands so that they are nice & slippery.  Then I take his cock in my right hand and I start to stroke it very slowly.  Nice long, deep strokes, twisting my hand as I go up & down.  He groans and tells me how much he loves it when I stroke it like that.  “I know baby”, I say with a little smirk and I decide to step it up a notch while I squeeze his balls.  He really nuts up the faster I stroke.  I can hear him breathing harder & I know he’s getting close when he says “baby…baby!”  So I give it a few more strokes and then just pop my hand right off.

Time to switch things up a little and remind him why he serves me.  I stand up and stretch my arms high above my head as I remove my bra and play with my nipples.  Then I strut to the head of the bed and plant my left boot across his throat.  I’m not intending to choke him, but I do want to see that second of fear in his eyes as he thinks about his air supply being cut off.  I move my foot now so that he can turn his head and lick my boot.  When I give the order, he licks obediently, even sucking on the heel as if it were a substitute for the parts of my body that he is dying to touch and lick and suck on.

As he worships my boot, I bend over and start stroking his cock again.  Just stroking a few times and then popping my hand off over and over.  I can hear his sharp intake of breath every time my hand pops off like that.  Then I put my boot back on the floor and ask him if he wants a blow job.  Of course, he tells me “yes”, quite emphatically.  So I move back between his legs and bend over very close to his hard cock.  He can feel the tips of my hair brushing against his thighs.  I keep leaning my mouth closer and my tongue is sticking out.  But when my lips get right up to his cock, I pull back & blow on it, laughing loudly.  “There’s your blow job.  You didn’t really think I was going to suck it did you?” I ask him with an evil smile.

To make a long story short, I will keep teasing him all night long.  Even when he begs me NOT to stop, I will stop.  And after tonight, I will tease him while he watches hockey, while we are in the shower, while he’s sleeping.  Every time I see an opportunity over the weekend, he will get teased. I will make his balls swell and his cock leak.  He will think at least twice before cumming again without permission.

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