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Drifting Desire – Part 12

“You’ve done well. Ask me for what you want, my pet, and I’ll consider your request.” You hesitate, a million games running through your head too, perhaps.

“Please, put my penis in your mouth. Please, let me cum.” I smile, self-satisfied, like a cat flaunting its kill.

“You read my mind,” I purred, swinging into action. Blow jobs are a favorite of mine. Though this one will be a reward, sometimes they can be used as a very teasing punishment. Either way, the control I hold over the situation turns me to full-boil.

“Stand up. Lean against that shelf. Spread your legs. More! Arms above your head and hold onto the side.” I look you in the eye now. “If at any time, you let go of that shelf, we’re done here for today. Understand?” At your fervent nod, I smile, naughtily, and twist around, wedging my ass against your crotch and sliding your cock along my crevice once more.

“I want to lick that off of you,” I say, pulling away and turning to sink back on my haunches, facing your bloated inflamed cock, now turning purple around the head. The vein underneath is throbbing.

I look up, my lips poised before your member. “I won’t tease you too much this time. I want to reward you for your manners, pet.” Still looking up, my lips open and I bury that hot length down to the root. My tongue ring caresses that throbbing vein all the way back to the tip. Suction and spit and my own sweet juices combine in an intoxicating blend. Soon you add salty pre-cum to the mixture.

I rear back, mouth full of sex fluids. Tauntingly, watching your face, I drip the cream on the head of your dick.

“Good god,” you croak out. I smile, evilly, and lick it off, repeating this a few times.

…To Be Continued….


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No Release – Part 3

“Ready for release? Say yes, if you are.” At this point, you cannot even speak. You nod quickly, breathing heavily. I will assume you are ready. My fingers in your boxers, I grab the waistband, and pull it down, removing them from your body. I hope that is not too cool for you. As I lean up into your lap, your cock stands tall. I blow on it softly. Press my tongue against it, licking and kissing. This is for me as well as you, my lover. Mmmmm! At that point, my lips totally swallow your stiffened tool. I suck with all my strength up and down, my tongue licking and probing your cockhead every few minutes. Mmmmmmm! It’s so good! I continue to pull and suck, massaging your balls and stopping to stroke my nails up & down in between as I do. I feel your fingers running thru my hair as your moaning grows louder. My own wetness is already running down my thighs, making them sticky. I continue to suck and fight with your shaft until I hear what I want…. that sound you make that tells me— you’re getting too close. Mmmm, I love to tease you!  So I stop licking & give that hard dick a soft slap.  You still have no idea if your orgasm will be ruined or even denied altogether.  Now comes the best part.  I flick my tongue across the head again & start stroking slow & soft, taking my hand away altogether every five or six strokes.  You pant harder with each stroke. God, I just love making you breathe heavy for me.  I grab your balls again.  They are so full.  Now I just wanna stroke you faster & faster until  you dangle over the edge again.  Only this time I want you hanging on by your fingernails! So close…

As I release your pole, my fingertips drag slowly up. I hear you gasp as I release and look up at your face…tormented, but smiling. I lick my lips in anticipation. Now for the coup de grace…I recline the chair back as far as it can go & remove your blindfold as I slide my dripping cunt over your lips.  It’s time for your Queen of Denial to do some queening.  This worship makes my week without you worthwhile…sigh.  I throw back my head and the real party begins, ahhh!

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No Release – Part 2

What am I wearing? Why, what I always wear when I do this. That black lace body stocking with nothing on under; we don’t want you getting too aroused, too fast, right? I suddenly feel your cock thumping against my thighs. Maybe. Your lips are still a perfect “O”. I hear you moan dryly. I close my eyes slowly, wanting to relieve you now.

Okay, okay. I reach between my thighs, and rub your shaft thru the boxers. Mmmmm, there’s a little moisture there. Almost as if your cock is crying, lol. I poke my finger thru the slit in your boxers and wipe my finger across your cockhead. You seem to jump. I just wanna taste your precum, ok? Mmmmmm, it’s sweet. I think you’re ready, huh? As I slide off your lap, it is your fingers that are shaking now. I glance at them, and then at your mask. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling. I feel your fingers graze just between my legs. I see you smile as this happens. Hearing you breathe like that… and me wanking you so bad! Ohhhhh, I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll be quick, and merciful.

Putting my hands on your thighs again, I move them up into your boxers. I am rubbing your balls, so tight, and then your cock… so hot.

“Ready for release? ….Not yet…. ”

…. To be Continued…..

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Ultimate Tease and Denial – Part 4

I get situated between his legs and start to play with my tits.  I cup them in my hands and tweak my nipples.  Then I let them pop out of the bra a little bit and ask him if he wants me to tit fuck his hard cock.  He licks his lips and says “oh yes, please”.  So I dangle my full breasts right over his dick and let my nipple brush the head of it.  Then I tell him that it’s too bad because he will not be getting tit fucked tonight, LOL.

I reach over and grab the warming lube and pour some onto my hands so that they are nice & slippery.  Then I take his cock in my right hand and I start to stroke it very slowly.  Nice long, deep strokes, twisting my hand as I go up & down.  He groans and tells me how much he loves it when I stroke it like that.  “I know baby”, I say with a little smirk and I decide to step it up a notch while I squeeze his balls.  He really nuts up the faster I stroke.  I can hear him breathing harder & I know he’s getting close when he says “baby…baby!”  So I give it a few more strokes and then just pop my hand right off.

Time to switch things up a little and remind him why he serves me.  I stand up and stretch my arms high above my head as I remove my bra and play with my nipples.  Then I strut to the head of the bed and plant my left boot across his throat.  I’m not intending to choke him, but I do want to see that second of fear in his eyes as he thinks about his air supply being cut off.  I move my foot now so that he can turn his head and lick my boot.  When I give the order, he licks obediently, even sucking on the heel as if it were a substitute for the parts of my body that he is dying to touch and lick and suck on.

As he worships my boot, I bend over and start stroking his cock again.  Just stroking a few times and then popping my hand off over and over.  I can hear his sharp intake of breath every time my hand pops off like that.  Then I put my boot back on the floor and ask him if he wants a blow job.  Of course, he tells me “yes”, quite emphatically.  So I move back between his legs and bend over very close to his hard cock.  He can feel the tips of my hair brushing against his thighs.  I keep leaning my mouth closer and my tongue is sticking out.  But when my lips get right up to his cock, I pull back & blow on it, laughing loudly.  “There’s your blow job.  You didn’t really think I was going to suck it did you?” I ask him with an evil smile.

To make a long story short, I will keep teasing him all night long.  Even when he begs me NOT to stop, I will stop.  And after tonight, I will tease him while he watches hockey, while we are in the shower, while he’s sleeping.  Every time I see an opportunity over the weekend, he will get teased. I will make his balls swell and his cock leak.  He will think at least twice before cumming again without permission.

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Ultimate Tease and Denial – Part 2

My guest of honor; my lover; arrives letting in a gust of snowy breeze.  I can hear his gasp as he catches sight of me bent over lighting the candle next to the bed. So I turn around and look at him over my shoulder.  “Welcome home baby”, I say with a wicked grin.  I sashay over to him and tilt my head up for a kiss as I remove his coat.  I toss it in the closet then turn to rake the tips of my red fingernails down his chest…  I’m tempted to just keep raking down and grab him by the balls to drag him with me to the bedroom.  But I’m not impatient.  I can wait for things to get rough.

I’ve got some party favors laid out on the bed, and I can see him glancing at them as we get closer.  “Oh yeah big boy, those are all for you”.  I put my hand against his chest to stop him where he stands and then I turn around.  I spread my legs a little wider then bend over a little bit so I can wiggle my ass on his crotch…god I love fucking with him like that.  He groans a little as I gyrate on him to the beat of the music.

I don’t wanna get him too excited too quickly.  So I straighten up and turn around to take his shirt off so I can rub my hands up & down & play with his nipples. Now it’s time for me to remove his pants.  I drop into a squat so that I’m eye level with the snap & zipper.  I’ve thought about sharing my talent of being able to open them with my teeth ~ no hands.  But he seems to be mesmerized by the longblood-red fingernails tonight.  So I just unbutton it with my hands instead.  Teasing inside with one finger while I unzip them.

“Oh my you’ve got a big load in there for me baby”, I say with a coy look in my eye as I glance up at him and stand up.  I instruct him to step out of the pants and go lay on the bed.  When he gets comfy, I take the leather wrist restraints and buckle them on him, hooking them together around the rail of the headboard.  I thought about blindfolding him like I did a few months back.  But part of his torture tonight is making him watch everything he can’t touch or have.

… to be continued…

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