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Drifting Desire – Part 10

As you adjust and relax, I continue pressing. Slowly repeating the start-stop pattern until my thumb is buried to my hand and you’re pressing against my deliberate thrusts. I let you fuck my thumb, my cunt twitching in pleasure with each of your muted moans. Once you are completely relaxed, I deviously bend my thumb to push lightly once, then once more, then again, against your prostate.

With startling speed, I feel your balls twitch against my wrist. Your spine stiffens. I cinch down hard on the base of your swelling erection with my fingers. You whimper and your hips jerk involuntarily, as your orgasm swells and ejaculate floods up to crash into my barrier.

Pulling my thumb out, I bend down again to your ear. “You are sooo naughty. No cumming, remember?” I playfully tap your still-tense ass cheek.

You shudder with a last dry thrust, and pant, “Ohh. Yeah. And I thought you were going to go easy on me.”

I smile. “Oh, I did, pet, this time.”

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes, you owe me an orgasm. At least one.” Releasing your throbbing unsatisfied rod from my stranglehold, I order, “Back on the floor now. That’s it, toy. And put those naughty hands of yours under your ass so you aren’t tempted to use them. Don’t make me sorry for trusting you with them.”

Once you comply with my directions, I stand over you for another moment. My legs spread-eagle. Seeing your manliness laid out for me to enjoy makes me burn. I want to do everything at once. That slightly violent feeling comes over me again. My good will thins.

I lower my self to one knee laid outside your legs, my other knee I lay across your groin as I lean up your body, my leather clad arms across your torso. I’m pinning you now as I look down at you relaxed, smiling naughtily. I slide my knee up your crotch along your cock. My skin is warm and smooth, like your shaft, distracting you. My fingers wrap around your throat, thumbing your Adam’s apple, partly caressing, partly squeezing, considering my options.

“What don’t I want to do to my toy?,” I muse. I reach up and tighten my fingers together in your hair, pulling your head back and to the side, biting your neck because I can and it pleases me. I snarl a needy groan.

…To Be Continued….


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No Release – Part 2

What am I wearing? Why, what I always wear when I do this. That black lace body stocking with nothing on under; we don’t want you getting too aroused, too fast, right? I suddenly feel your cock thumping against my thighs. Maybe. Your lips are still a perfect “O”. I hear you moan dryly. I close my eyes slowly, wanting to relieve you now.

Okay, okay. I reach between my thighs, and rub your shaft thru the boxers. Mmmmm, there’s a little moisture there. Almost as if your cock is crying, lol. I poke my finger thru the slit in your boxers and wipe my finger across your cockhead. You seem to jump. I just wanna taste your precum, ok? Mmmmmm, it’s sweet. I think you’re ready, huh? As I slide off your lap, it is your fingers that are shaking now. I glance at them, and then at your mask. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling. I feel your fingers graze just between my legs. I see you smile as this happens. Hearing you breathe like that… and me wanking you so bad! Ohhhhh, I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll be quick, and merciful.

Putting my hands on your thighs again, I move them up into your boxers. I am rubbing your balls, so tight, and then your cock… so hot.

“Ready for release? ….Not yet…. ”

…. To be Continued…..

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Ultimate Tease and Denial – Part 2

My guest of honor; my lover; arrives letting in a gust of snowy breeze.  I can hear his gasp as he catches sight of me bent over lighting the candle next to the bed. So I turn around and look at him over my shoulder.  “Welcome home baby”, I say with a wicked grin.  I sashay over to him and tilt my head up for a kiss as I remove his coat.  I toss it in the closet then turn to rake the tips of my red fingernails down his chest…  I’m tempted to just keep raking down and grab him by the balls to drag him with me to the bedroom.  But I’m not impatient.  I can wait for things to get rough.

I’ve got some party favors laid out on the bed, and I can see him glancing at them as we get closer.  “Oh yeah big boy, those are all for you”.  I put my hand against his chest to stop him where he stands and then I turn around.  I spread my legs a little wider then bend over a little bit so I can wiggle my ass on his crotch…god I love fucking with him like that.  He groans a little as I gyrate on him to the beat of the music.

I don’t wanna get him too excited too quickly.  So I straighten up and turn around to take his shirt off so I can rub my hands up & down & play with his nipples. Now it’s time for me to remove his pants.  I drop into a squat so that I’m eye level with the snap & zipper.  I’ve thought about sharing my talent of being able to open them with my teeth ~ no hands.  But he seems to be mesmerized by the longblood-red fingernails tonight.  So I just unbutton it with my hands instead.  Teasing inside with one finger while I unzip them.

“Oh my you’ve got a big load in there for me baby”, I say with a coy look in my eye as I glance up at him and stand up.  I instruct him to step out of the pants and go lay on the bed.  When he gets comfy, I take the leather wrist restraints and buckle them on him, hooking them together around the rail of the headboard.  I thought about blindfolding him like I did a few months back.  But part of his torture tonight is making him watch everything he can’t touch or have.

… to be continued…

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