Drifting Desire – Part 9

As you struggle to do so, I loosen the cable on your wrists and it falls to the floor. Your hands and shoulders are slow to move back in front, tight and sore from their captivity. From behind, I massage the blood back into your wrists, reaching up to massage your exhausted shoulder muscles. I shiver myself, unspeakably pleased with your submission.

“Next time, you’ll have a cock ring to help you, but this time, I’ll take it easy on you. Lean down.” You lean across your desk on your elbows. More lube and I start your wicked massage again. You start to relax again. Your sighs come quicker and shorter. My other hand reaches down to sample your cock again. Hard as concrete covered in velvet, your balls full and drawn up tight.

“Hmmm, you are liking your punishment. Let’s see how much more you can take.” With my hand wrapped tight across the top of your hard-on in a makeshift ring, I press the well-lubed thumb of my other hand against your slickened hole. You tense and I ease up but hold the pressure.

I lean over your back and nibble on your ear. “You’re going to like this,” I whisper wickedly.

…To Be Continued….


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Drifting Desire – Part 8

I lightly slap each of your butt cheeks. I know you don’t like being hit. This is for effect. No pain, just power and control. I can’t resist caressing that ass, ready to move on from the punishment now to pleasure. I reach for my coat, abandoned until now on the floor under your desk.

“Shall I leave you tied up here just like this?” I taunt, but without any real menace in my voice. It’s a hollow threat. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away now.

Instead, I pull from my coat pocket a bottle of lubricant and flick it open. From another pocket comes a light towel.

“You’re going to like your punishment, I think. As long as you don’t like it too much. No cumming yet or I’ll be very disappointed in you.” This time, there was a real threat in my tone.

With that, I up-end the bottle for a moment over your ass, letting the warm slickness flood over my fingers too. Spreading the towel under you, I reach down and under to caress your cock and balls with my slick hand. A little softer than rock hard now, but still firm.

“Nervous? Don’t you trust me?” You see I expect an answer.

“Please,” you respond in a whisper.

I make a reassuring noise and slide my hand back up to your ass crack, massaging you lightly, then more firmly, loosening your tension. As you begin to relax, you rumble sighs of growing pleasure.

The strain on your shoulders from lying face down with those arms behind your back must be incredible. Your muscles are quivering, over-used. Pleased with you, I decide to comfort now.

I wipe my hands. “Pet, stand up and lean over your desk for me now.”

…To Be Continued….

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Drifting Desire – Part 7

Perhaps it’s an involuntary habitual thrust as my warm, slick hole nears the head of your cock, or perhaps it is your own dark need to find out where my threat might lead, but you lose your control and move. Jerking your hips uncontrollably causes your shaft to slip out of my slit. I lose that delicious contact.

I suck in an irritated hiss of breath as my building orgasm fizzles away. Those unfocused violent feelings from a few minutes ago find a target. My eyes narrow on yours.

Icily, I drawl, “Well, that could have been a lot better.”

“I’m sor-,” you begin. I cut you off with a barked command to roll over.

“On your knees!” You look uncertain.

“You had one command to follow. You let me down. Now you have to pay me back,” I assert, severely and unsympathetically. “Now!”

With that, my pet, you roll over, clumsily, still with your arms tied behind your back. And I’m unbearably turned on, on fire. “I am so going to enjoy this,” I smirk, and to myself I think, and so are you, pet. I bet your frustrated beyond belief, haha.  I love being bitchy and mocking you like this.

In order to do as you’ve been directed with your hands still bound behind your back, you have to lie with your head cocked to one side. The side of your face crammed against the floor. Your knees bent under you. Ass in the air. Your pants still wrapped around your legs, binding them loosely together.

Beautiful, I think, in awe. I’ve never seen any man at any time look so hot, so desirable, to me. I’m delighted with your willingness to trust me this much, but it’s not time yet to tell you so. After all, this is supposed to be a punishment.

… To be Continued …

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Drifting Desire – Part 6

“Not a muscle. Understand?!” You nod, clenching your jaw. “Understand?,” I taunt again. “Yes. I understand,” you say, clearly, but you look doubtful. I lift my hips and slide them down to hover over your member. I can tell you want to lift your head to look, but I’m watching closely and you heed my warning.

“Good so far,” I say, almost crazy myself with pent-up need, but I grapple with myself for control.

I lower slowly and carefully until my slit settles along the length of your swollen cock. My pussy lips begin sliding slightly against your hot, satiny shaft. Your eyes close and you swallow hard, but your eyes quickly fly to mine. You were expecting to slide that cock into my warm cunt, I see, just like that. For a second, I enjoy your surprise with a wicked half-grin.

I lean forward, never losing contact with your dick, to suspend my nipple just above your lips, just out of reach. Tantalizing, “Suck it.” I tease your pursing lips with light brushes of my nipple before yanking it just out of reach again. You take the bait. Straining, you lunge forward and catch the bud in your lips, but it slips away again. “Use your teeth,” I demand. You try again. This time, catching it and scraping the sensitive tip before having to lower your head. I begin alternating the nipples for you to repeat the abrading suction.

I continue to rock my slick button back and forth against your confined rod, teasingly, moving just a little, but it’s plenty for my tormented and inflamed bud. Every muscle in my body is tensing, barely moving. My mind is almost totally focused on maximizing the reaction about to explode through my body. For me, the experience is heightened tremendously by your obedience to ignore, deny, the temptations of your body…

…To Be Continued….

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Drifting Desire – Part 5

I step up your body and turn around past the top of your head, facing your feet. Lowering to my knees, I lay my dripping snatch once again over your mouth. “More,” I demand. Your tongue works up and down past that fiery bundle of nerves again, over and over, rhythmically. “Flick my clit with your tongue every time you go past it,” I command just what I want.

I’m dripping again and you struggle to breathe while working on my slit. I grind my slit on that rough chin about every third pass of your tongue, pressing your nose into my wet, wet hole. I slide my palms down your chest, pulling your belt loose, unbuttoning, unzipping, and yanking down your pants to mid-thigh. Your hips writhe to help me.

Finally! The head of your beautiful penis (or should I call it “my” beautiful penis?) is caught – the head rising out of your boxer-briefs. I sit back admiring the beauty of it pinned down and twitching, glowing an engorged rose color. I keep my hands distracted from petting that tempting cock just yet, by fondling and pinching your nipples, so taut, running my nails through the crisp hair on your chest surrounding them.

My clit is wildly throbbing. “I want more,” I say again, lifting off your determined mouth. I lean forward, giving you access to view my swollen labia from behind, and blow on the engorged head of your penis.

My hands hold onto your hips to balance my weight with my thumbs pressing into your groin to hold you immobile. I blow again hard, and you whimper. Your hips push up into my weight. Your erection twitches and I’m impressed with how strongly it lifts that tight band. So many games I want to play.

My greedy clit throbs for another release. I turn around over you, kneeling across your belly now, and notice my juices all over your face again. I smile as I lean forward, “You’ve been exceptional, pet. I like how you apply yourself to your chores.”

I inhale the musky smell of sex on you and lick, bite, and rub the juices off with my mouth, lips, tongue, jaw, reveling in the naughtiness and hotness of the experience. More, more, more, like a drug. The thought drifts through my mind. Your eyes are closed and you push your jaw up into my mouth. I nip your lips and suck them until they swell, tingling.

My toy cleaned up, I move on to more pressing needs. My pussy has been rubbing the crisp hair on your belly, keeping me near another peak. “Lift your hips!” Reaching back, I tug your briefs down to join your trousers.

Your cock bounces up and holds rock-still above your crotch. The sight of it over my shoulder makes me feel wild and forceful, randomly violent. But I turn to relieving the pressure that is building in my pussy beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, sharp and painful.

“Do not move!,” I assert in a tone that warns of consequences.

..To be Continued…

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Drifting Desire – Part 4

I watch you, my eyelids half-closed, as you start to work. My thighs tense as your tongue slides up past my button and back down, tentatively at first, but over and over. My head rolls back and my thighs squeeze your head in closer. I reach forward to rest my hand on the warm nape of your strong neck, pressing you closer

I’m getting off knowing that you are in my power – my toy, perhaps I’ll even call you my pet, if you’re that good. I hope you are. And then, you start sucking rhythmically on my clit. Your teeth skim along the bottom. Electric sparks explode all through my crotch and sizzle through my body. I’m not even aware of my own harsh pants and moans. My pussy, all the way up to my abdomen, clench over and over, getting stronger with each spasm, until I crash over the edge into a luscious breathless orgasm. So fast and long.

“Fuck…oh FUCK!” My heels dig in to your back, grinding you into my wet slit while I writhe on your desk. Son of a bitch, why didn’t I do this sooner?

I’m panting hard, but still tense and ready for much more. “Nice! But not nice enough, toy. I have other ideas.” I push your face away with one foot planted in the front of your shoulder, admiring the shine of my juices on your chin.

I grab your collar again and pull you up. You struggle to rise with your hands still tied. With my help, you make it to your feet. I grab the back of your neck and squeeze you forward to lick those velvet juices off your goatee. “I like that rough chin shoved into my pussy while you lick my clit. Don’t forget that, toy.”

I unbutton your shirt all the way down, and pull it out of your waistband. With your shirt out and open, I stop and look you in the eye. You look down. “Good, pet,” I purr, running my fingertips along and just under the top edge of your waistband. Your stomach twitches, your head rolls back, a growl in your throat, your crotch pumps forward. Running my hands up your torso, I pinch your nipples, firm and fast, on the way by, making you jump a bit. “Silence, toy, and hold still,” I murmur, with a soothing lick and suck to both nipples.

Opening your shirt wide, I lightly rub my nipples in little circles over your rough chest. The leather and laces of my bustier slither against your belly. My bare pussy presses wetly against the front of your pants – that’ll leave a mark, I grin & laugh to myself.

I yank that shirt down your arms, leaving it bunched around your tied wrists. Yesss, this is what I’ve wanted to see and touch – masculine shoulders. My hands roam freely across them and then shove those shoulders down to the floor, down on your back. You struggle to lay on your bound wrists, pulling them to one side.

I step up so my long legs are straddling your heaving dark-haired chest. “Look at me, pet.”

You look up my body, your eyes dark with lust, and into my eyes, until I’m captured myself for a moment in the most intense stare, searing laser eyes. We’re not messing around now. This is damned serious for both of us. Exactly what we’ve needed deep down, in our own ways, but both presumed would never happen for us. We both know the experience is stolen, selfish, and terribly satisfying.

“There’s so much more I’m going to get from you,” I promise with a touch of threat.

…To be Continued…

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Drifting Desire – Part 3

My pussy lips are so wet they slide smoothly and I can feel the wetness polling as I walk. How many days have I had wet panties from thinking of exactly this kind of scene? Now, I can feel my clit swelling well beyond normal. This is what I’ve needed, already it’s better than I expected.

I spin your chair, pull your biceps back, sliding my hands down to your wrists. No resistance this time. You let me have my way. I purr with pleasure, my clit thrums once more. Once the cable is cinched tightly around those wrists. I admire my work from my viewpoint behind your chair. Still silent, so unlike you, you are breathing very hard. You must be wondering what’s next.

I lean forward to your ear again and trail my nail around it and down your neck. My hands wrap around your neck firmly from behind, but apply no serious pressure. “You please me so far, toy.” My voice is visceral, breathy and determined.

I push your head to the side and bite my way down your neck to your shirt collar. No, I won’t mark you, yet, as long as you don’t displease me. I run my hands up over your lips, your eyes, your hair and back down again, just because I can, to feel the power of it. I pull your chin up and back until you are looking straight up at me past the tips of my nipples. I revel in the feeling of possession. This is what I was born to do.

I step in front of your chair and lean down to your ear once again, my breasts just below your chin, my hair caresses the side of your cheek, smelling of sinful womanly perfume.

“Tell me you want to be my toy.” Your mouth opens with a strangled noise, that might have been an “I”. Your hard breaths blow across my cleavage. I reach down deep between your legs and slide my nails slowly, firmly back up the bulge I find there. I want to own this cock for my pleasure.

“Yes?,” I taunt. Your breath is really sucking in and out, you must be getting light-headed by now.

“Please,” your voice raspy, choked. “I want to be your toy, please.” You hiss out that last begging plea, convincingly. Your response detonates inside me. My stomach muscles clench hard as my pussy rocks with another hard series of spasms. I reach up to grab your chin, hard (I can’t hold back the aggression), and stare into your eyes, painful need there. For both of us.

I decide that a little striptease is in order for you. I prop my hip on the edge of your desk and put one long leg in front of you so that you can remove my boot. Then the same with the other boot. As I turn around, I cast a wicked glance over my shoulder because I know that what I am about to do is such sweet torture for you…I bend over and brace my hands on the desk while pushing my denim clad ass toward you and wiggling. Now, I straighten up and, still facing away from you, I reach down to unfasten the tight Levi’s and slowly peel them down from the back. You gasp for breath as you catch a glimpse of the black string bikini barely covering my ass.

“Stand up toy”, I say over my shoulder.  And when you are standing right behind me, I push my butt back and wiggle against your erection, grinding my sexy ass on you.  Then I turn around and push you back in the chair and slowly wiggle out of the lacy panties.

I slide back onto your desk in front of your chair, leaning back, my ass perched on the edge. My long legs lift up onto your shoulders and link behind your neck as you lean forward.

“Down! Let’s see what else you can do for me, toy.” My legs pull your face down to my drenched, bare crevice.

… To Be Continued…

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