Gregory Fine of Apple Valley, CA – Loser Commits Credit Card Fraud!

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Dear Gregory Fine,

My heart is broken.  I bought the shoes, I even picked out the dress I was going to wear to yours and Jason’s wedding.   You said you had a lovely gown, and were going to be the epitome of a Blushing Bride. From what you told me, it was going to be a grand affair.  You wanted me to call you Brianna.  Such a pretty name for such a naughty person. 

Jason was the perfect dream man, sexy, loving and knew how to make love to you…the way your wife never could.  Oh how you dazzled me with stories about his magnificent cock, and how he made you feel so feminine and girlie.  Your penis is so small; it fit so nicely in your sexy panties.  What was it, three…four inches Gregory?  You preferred to have me call it a clitti.  Your bum was really a tight, virgin pussy, waiting…

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Orgasm For Sale; a Stroke Tease

You guys remember a few months ago when I wrote about My bitch, MG? well I have been having too many issues to get this post up. but I wanted to tell you all about the assignment he had that he FINALLY completed…well at least partially.

when I say he is My bitch, I mean he is a panty wearing, cock sucking, ass whore who just happens to have a tiny little white dick. hahaha. well he has been calling for quite a long time now and every time I ask what panties he is wearing, he says “the sheer thong” which I assume he stole from his wife. well I decided that he couldn’t continue be a panty bitch unless he was willing to expand his “wardrobe”, LOL. so I gave him the assignment of a shopping trip to Vic Secret. he whined and moaned, as bitches are known to do. “what if someone recognizes me?… what if the clerks laugh at me?” wahwahwah…crybaby.

he finally went shopping and he was too much of a pussy to actually tell the clerk the panties were for him. but he did buy the exact one I instructed him to…red lace! so during our next call, he wore the fire engine red lace panties and stroked his tiny little chick stick while I told him how much his cock starved wife was loving the gang bang she was getting from the guys with huge, black cocks! in fact, I am not sure that he ever came harder! then I got to listen as he lapped up his spooge like a good little cum slut.

so if you are a bitch and you need some sissy training, give me a call. you will be glad you did because I am not the kind of Mistress who just sits on the phone name calling. I actually enjoy training little sissy fags like you and controlling your pathetic little mangina!

I still have lots of specials going on during this strained economy and I always love it when you guys vote for Me/Us even if you can’t call.


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One Night of Submission

I have longed for this for some time now…the rush that occurs when you let go…for we all know that power can be a heavy cloak. So on this night I planned it all out and we switched. I gave control to my lover…

I can hear the wind outside. I can hear the rain rush through the night in spiteful gusts. The streetlights peer dejectedly through the evening and refract like a glitter through my windows. The chill outside is palpable but it doesn’t affect the mood in my room. I always have the lighting very low and the candles lit so it creates a coziness. Tonight it is more than cozy. It is almost suffocating.

He is here at last. Sitting on the floor of my room, taking his boots off, smiling up at me and I can feel the tension between us like static. He is a wonderful conversationalist, sophisticated, witty and articulate, he even has moments of genuine wisdom. There are so many words I could use to describe his many talents. In so many ways he is an extraordinary man, although he would be the first to slap down such excess. However, time for the finer points of conversational prevarication has past. He is the only one I’d ever submit to. But there is just one thing I want to do before I give myself up.

I look at him and laugh as I sit down on the floor with him,

“How far apart can you get your legs, just sitting on the floor?” I ask.

“What?!” He has a way of looking at me indulgently that makes me frown but he shuffles forward a little and spreads his legs. I sit in front of him and put one leg on either side of him, moving forward, I can wrap my legs around his back. He moves a little to make us both comfortable, putting his arms around my waist.

“Aaah, Kama Sutra!”

As he holds me I am so close to him I have to move my own eyes from side to side to look into his. They are so beautiful. I can feel his body against mine, warm and hard and my sheer physical arousal is something I can barely control. I touch his face very gently, letting my fingertips trace lightly over his skin, I can feel my heart hammer in my chest as he pushes my hair away from my face and guides me. I close my eyes and all that I can feel in the world are his lips on mine, sweet and soft, becoming harder and more urgent as the brakes are gradually released.

This is what we both wanted. Something sensual and personal and I have tortured myself with its anticipation.

He bites my lips, kisses my mouth, nibbles my neck gently, then harder and I curl my hands round his head and pull him into me. A small sound escapes and I know that I have now given control to him. He leans forward slightly and I tip backwards, bringing him with me. He is pulling his shirt off and I can feel the weight of his body moving against me as he undresses. I want to keep my eyes open, to feast on his smooth skin as he reaches down and pulls my sweatshirt up over my head. I want to enjoy the curve of his neck and the definition of his shoulders, his chest, his hips. I want to gaze at his smile, and the lust in his eyes, the fan of his eyelashes. But my eyes involuntarily close and I come alive to the gentle resolution of his hands, the sound of our breathing and the unmistakable scent of my response as he strips me.

I can feel myself almost shaking with pleasure as he treats me to his body. That smooth as silk soft, warm, hardness of caressed naked skin. I wrap my legs around his back again and am rewarded with a growl of satisfaction and an instant demonstration of why my body has ached for this encounter.

He leans up and with the ease and strength of long experience, he pulls my hips towards him, spreading my legs apart and a shudder goes through me as I feel his strong fingers at the tops of my thighs. I reach up for him as he bends his head towards mine again and, as he kisses me, his tongue invading my mouth, I feel two fingers pushing between my legs, slipping into the wet, velvety, hot center of me…fingering me. His mouth holds me and I can only mumble an inarticulate sound. Hanging on to him, I push my hips against his fingers. He kisses my neck and whispers,

“No, no baby. Lie still”

I can feel my breathing accelerate as I try to control myself. Just the command has made achieving this harder and I can feel my arousal pulse through me like a wildfire across my skin. With careful deliberation he squeezes one breast then the other, drawing up the nipples into a hard, exquisite erection. I have given up trying to be sophisticated about the noises I make and I simply moan as he begins to suck at my left breast, teasing me with his tongue and his teeth. He pushes one finger, then another into my pussy again, his thumb sliding easily through my swollen lips and resting firmly on my clit. He raises his head and pushes hard with his fingers. I try to do as I’m told and keep still but as he pushes again I know it is going to be almost impossible. And again…

“Oh God, please …” It sounds so pathetic.

“Shhhhh. Tell me if you’re going to cum.”

He pushes my legs further apart and with the slow concentration of the truly dedicated, with the fingers of both hands, he delicately spreads the lips of my pussy like the petals of a flower. The smell of sex seems to fill the whole room. He bows his head and my entire existence disappears while he takes his pleasure from the only part of me that now matters, his tongue lapping and teasing at my cunt as he holds me down. He growls again. A low, slow, masculine purr of satisfaction and I feel control slip from me completely. I know this particular delight has been one we have both looked forward to, teased each other with, fantasized about and I want him to enjoy it for as long and as much as he desires. But I can feel my climax building and it becomes almost too much as he pushes his fingers inside me again.

“I’m going to…oh my god… I think I’m…” I somehow manage to say although all my breath seems to have left me.

He raises his head and I can feel relief and disappointment surge through me in equal measure. He helps me up and I cling to him as we kneel on the floor together. I can taste myself in his kisses, sweet and tangy. And he kisses me lavishly to make sure I do.

“I think you probably need a little discipline.” He says, smiling. He always uses humor to indulge me like this and I find it strangely comforting. I know what he has in mind. It is probably my most favorite submission fetish fantasy.

The weather outside continues to tear the night apart with thunder and torrents of rain but only imminent apocalypse could distract me from this commitment. I find myself sprawled across his lap as he relaxes back on the sofa, my ass presented to him as ready and ripe and round as he likes it. I feel his hands smooth the skin, caressing me and teasing between my legs as I open up wider for him. He is taking his time and I can feel my breathing become shallower and shallower as the anticipation builds.

The first smack sounds delicious and stings my backside viciously as the delights have so far been softer. It makes me gasp and jump but he doesn’t let me relax again as he follows it up quite swiftly with a succession of perfectly weighted hits that blend into a warmth that spreads throughout my whole body. He holds on to my hair with one hand, the other hand again between my legs. I can feel the eye watering pull of the one and the other makes me shake as he fucks me hard with his fingers. Calming my flesh again, he resumes spanking me until my ears are ringing with the sound of each slap and the sighs and whimpers I make, now beyond my ability to control. I have no memory of anything but his hands striking me, this need to be his and to show him – sucking his fingers, his delicate touches on my back making me yield, each invasion of my body taking me nearer and nearer the brink, his soft voice,

“Babe, yes, oh yes darling, shhhh mmmm. That’s my babygirl. Good girl…”

He releases a final flurry that makes me squeal and then he helps me up, a living doll, a perfect thing of his making, warm, hurt, caressed, happy. I am in a daze but I can see the rise and fall of his chest, the sheen of perspiration on his torso, the slight tremor in his arms as he holds me which tells of the effort he has put into this. And his penis, hard and erect tells me what he needs now as much as I do.

I cant speak, but I don’t need to. He lays me down and now, despite my exhaustion and all my surrender, the moment is mine to control. He even gives me this and my desire is very simple. I need him to fuck me. Opposites may attract but not with the immediacy and understanding of a couple as in tune as we are. And I know that this is what he needs too.

Feeling him on top of me, a simple pleasure, breathlessly kissing my mouth, my face, my eyes. I just want him inside me now, a visceral ache my body screams at me, at him. The relief as he drives into me, slowly, firmly and so deeply, I cry out. I hear him,

“Oh, God.”

Each stroke, harder, pushing me beyond a place I thought I could go. I raise my legs higher around his back, almost to his shoulders as he cradles my head, his cheek softly against mine, I can hear him groan and I push my hands into the small of his back, drawing him into me, holding him tighter against me. I want to make this last longer but I have no hope at all. Just the sound of his abandonment tips me over the edge and I can no longer control my orgasm. I feel my back arch into him deliciously and wave after beautiful wave shudders through me. I hear him cry out and I can feel the wonderful explosion that possesses both of us.

We lie together. He holds me. I hold him. He stays inside me and I can smell the warm, rich scents of our skin and mingled sex. When we have our breath, he kisses me softly,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The rain has stopped and I can barely hear the wind. The night has become quiet, paying tribute to this particular moment and I want to make it last before the possibility of the mundane overcomes us both. Just for a little longer. Then it will once again be me controlling him.

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Drifting Desire – Part 13

My hands have been massaging your butt, while pulling you into my mouth, throat. I’m ready to up the ante now. One hand comes back around to massage your balls, so tightly drawn up, they’re impossible to really grab hold of. I gather all the slobbered juice running down your cock to lubricate your sack. My other hand snakes evilly down your crack from behind.

I tighten the suction on your cock and maintain a steady plunging rhythm that thrusts your shaft, again and again, into the top of my throat. I hear you gasping for breath. Your moans raising in pitch. Your hips are thrust so far forward your back strains to hold the curve. The shelving unit is shuddering behind you, but your hands remain clamped to the structure as commanded. Best, best sex toy I’ve ever had, I think smugly.

I feel it in your cock first. The head swells to completely block my throat, I cough and struggle to keep up the rhythm, juice running everywhere. Your scrotum, already so drawn up, it has almost disappeared, ripples in waves.

Your hips stop suddenly. Your coarse gulps for air combining into one long hoarse groaning, “Please Goddess let me cum now!” Your hips swivel once, then once more. The cum boils up from where its been trapped so long, teeming out to run straight down my throat. As the orgasm lightens, your climax continues to wring spurts from your depths.

Breathlessly, you repeat, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Completely empty, exhausted, and relieved, finally, you pull your over-sensitive penis from my mouth. I stand up and pull your biceps down, massaging the cramps out once again. Jesus, that was addictive, I think to myself. Should that worry me?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, another steaming fantasy comes to a crushing conclusion, maybe now I can get some fucking work done. But I take another stolen moment to reflect. Should I really resist the deliciously right feeling of acting out my bitchy side with you? Will I resist forever? Can I resist, forever? Or will I have you as my pet soon??

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Drifting Desire – Part 12

“You’ve done well. Ask me for what you want, my pet, and I’ll consider your request.” You hesitate, a million games running through your head too, perhaps.

“Please, put my penis in your mouth. Please, let me cum.” I smile, self-satisfied, like a cat flaunting its kill.

“You read my mind,” I purred, swinging into action. Blow jobs are a favorite of mine. Though this one will be a reward, sometimes they can be used as a very teasing punishment. Either way, the control I hold over the situation turns me to full-boil.

“Stand up. Lean against that shelf. Spread your legs. More! Arms above your head and hold onto the side.” I look you in the eye now. “If at any time, you let go of that shelf, we’re done here for today. Understand?” At your fervent nod, I smile, naughtily, and twist around, wedging my ass against your crotch and sliding your cock along my crevice once more.

“I want to lick that off of you,” I say, pulling away and turning to sink back on my haunches, facing your bloated inflamed cock, now turning purple around the head. The vein underneath is throbbing.

I look up, my lips poised before your member. “I won’t tease you too much this time. I want to reward you for your manners, pet.” Still looking up, my lips open and I bury that hot length down to the root. My tongue ring caresses that throbbing vein all the way back to the tip. Suction and spit and my own sweet juices combine in an intoxicating blend. Soon you add salty pre-cum to the mixture.

I rear back, mouth full of sex fluids. Tauntingly, watching your face, I drip the cream on the head of your dick.

“Good god,” you croak out. I smile, evilly, and lick it off, repeating this a few times.

…To Be Continued….

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Drifting Desire – Part 11

Moving to straddle you, I push up from your chest, scratching my nails down your chest, pausing to tweak your nipples, tightening, until your breath draws in. Your back arches, your head rolls. I’m on a constant sexual high. Every movement, every nasty thought, every sensation, every delicious reaction, tightens a vise of tension in my genitals and deeper in my belly. My clit burns, my pussy drips, my muscles cramping. I hover over your shaft and warn you again.

“Don’t move! A second punishment will not be as pleasant as the first. And, you don’t want to miss out on your reward.”

With that, I encase your shaft in the wetness of my swollen pussy lips, pressing and sliding just slightly. Immediately, my nerves begin singing with breathtaking pleasure. God, I’m so ready now, it’s beyond belief. Through half-lidded eyes, I keep you in sight while I barely undulate against your tool.

You look besieged. Your head wrenched to the side, eyes squeezed shut. Every muscle looks tensed to lean sinew. Your struggle for control of your own immense pleasure just turns me on more, ratcheting me up the final peak.

My vision dims. My mouth falls open. My breath is held. My movement frozen to millimeters. The orgasm is inevitable now, but it spirals out and out and keeps growing in potential, like a heavy, lurking breaker coming up a gradual shoal out of stormy depths, building, growing. Ultimately, the wave crests and its full weight crashes down on me.

My shoulders jerk and slump, my forearms falling onto your chest again. I gasp and cry out, hoarsely, with each successive surge of release. “Oh. Fuck. Yes. Oh. Fuck. Yes.” Every slight movement of my hips sends fresh ripples spilling through me.

Grasping for breath and composure, I slowly come back to myself, spread across your chest. Your aching cock pressed between our crotches.

…To Be Continued….

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Drifting Desire – Part 10

As you adjust and relax, I continue pressing. Slowly repeating the start-stop pattern until my thumb is buried to my hand and you’re pressing against my deliberate thrusts. I let you fuck my thumb, my cunt twitching in pleasure with each of your muted moans. Once you are completely relaxed, I deviously bend my thumb to push lightly once, then once more, then again, against your prostate.

With startling speed, I feel your balls twitch against my wrist. Your spine stiffens. I cinch down hard on the base of your swelling erection with my fingers. You whimper and your hips jerk involuntarily, as your orgasm swells and ejaculate floods up to crash into my barrier.

Pulling my thumb out, I bend down again to your ear. “You are sooo naughty. No cumming, remember?” I playfully tap your still-tense ass cheek.

You shudder with a last dry thrust, and pant, “Ohh. Yeah. And I thought you were going to go easy on me.”

I smile. “Oh, I did, pet, this time.”

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes, you owe me an orgasm. At least one.” Releasing your throbbing unsatisfied rod from my stranglehold, I order, “Back on the floor now. That’s it, toy. And put those naughty hands of yours under your ass so you aren’t tempted to use them. Don’t make me sorry for trusting you with them.”

Once you comply with my directions, I stand over you for another moment. My legs spread-eagle. Seeing your manliness laid out for me to enjoy makes me burn. I want to do everything at once. That slightly violent feeling comes over me again. My good will thins.

I lower my self to one knee laid outside your legs, my other knee I lay across your groin as I lean up your body, my leather clad arms across your torso. I’m pinning you now as I look down at you relaxed, smiling naughtily. I slide my knee up your crotch along your cock. My skin is warm and smooth, like your shaft, distracting you. My fingers wrap around your throat, thumbing your Adam’s apple, partly caressing, partly squeezing, considering my options.

“What don’t I want to do to my toy?,” I muse. I reach up and tighten my fingers together in your hair, pulling your head back and to the side, biting your neck because I can and it pleases me. I snarl a needy groan.

…To Be Continued….

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